Jill Perry

How it all began...

 It was 1978  and my family uprooted itself from the Windy City to the Deep South. There was no translator to ease the aural aggression.  Indeed, this was more tsunami than transition.

The young lady behind the counter at McDonald's wanted something, but for the life of me, I couldn't figure it out.  

"A pee-ney. Anuther PEENEY!"

Dumbstruck, mute, I waited. 

She opened the cash drawer (yes, there was cash!) and pulled out a copper disk that I knew to be a PENNY. 

So began my journey to understand the southeastern United States dialect. . .

 Jump ahead to sophomore year in college. Introduction to Acting with Kurt Daw at KSU. Pandora's Box was open and I dove in, learning about Shakespeare, Moliere, and Mark Twain, Noh theatre, black boxes and the PRIDE march on Washington, DC. 

 The stage is a wonderful place to be dramatic and passionate. I was both. Then a wonderful opportunity to voice a TV commercial presented itself. No pay, but who needed that? Into the purple velvet curtained sound booth I stepped, and I was never again the same. 

 John and Ellen's voices came magically into my mind and I moved my vocals in the directions they asked. We made a gorgeous medical commercial that day. 

 Some months later, my first demo was recorded at Doppler Studios and I had my first agency contract. I'd not have called it a career until the internet entered the picture. Jump ahead to 2003 and a lovely mentorship began with Pete Turbiville. He gave me the blueprint for my first home studio setup and I used Google Ad Words for my maiden voyage into the internet. I was found by numerous studios across the country and then the world. That year, I got myself A CAREER. 

 Now, 4 home studios later, here we are together, cozily telling stories from living rooms and sound booths. I'm teaching others how to get their motors started and sharing the wealth of my journey. I'm so happy you are here with me.

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