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Let's Talk. 

I am here to connect :with you, your client and your audience. 

Positively centered and focused on your message.

Craving the connection between you and your audience.

Delivering the vibe you dream about when you wrote that script we're working on. 

Collaborating with you as a seasoned professional in the advertising world.

Working daily as an actor and a voice talent for over 26 years. 


Hire Me to Record Your VO

It's Your Hour of Power! Hire me as the voice for your script and we will record LIVE as you direct the session or I will record remotely and deliver your files once we have consulted.

Private Coaching

An hour focused on your VO performance. 

VO Consulting

Free 15 minutes of advice. 


Let's Chat!


Oooh- thanks, friend. Talk soon~

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