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Jill Perry

How it all began...

 1978. Windy City to Deep South - no translator to ease the aural transition. Well, more like a tsunami than transition.


I was nine years old. Old enough to know Mister Rodgers, Bozo the Clown, Ray Raynor and Jimmy Carter. Yeah, he was the President of our United States then. He’s now the hardest working volunteer at Habitat for Humanity.

The guy I listened to nightly had my trust, if not my ear. The news wasn’t of interest to me. But my dad- and everyone else’s- had 3 choices at 6pm each night. The trust and comfort that emanated from the TV pushed us through some very frightening times.  


I read a lot. Only children have rich imaginations and between Barbie & Kelly,  Charlotte & Wilbur, Pooh & Piglet, Mickey & Minnie, I had a life no reality could surpass. I had the world in the palm of my hand. Reading aloud brought me much needed attention and accolades in school.


It took years for me to realize this would take center stage in my life. Kennesaw State University